Architecture Recovery Methods

In order to perform the recovery, any available system documentation can be perused for information regarding the architecture of the system. Documentation is rarely exhaustive and frequently inaccurate, but is a good starting point in the architecture exploration. For my master’s dissertation, SyMAR will be used, which is a manual architecture recovery method that relies on request tracing and source code inspection to extract the features of the architecture. In other words, we rely on static as well as runtime analysis Static analysis simply means that we inspect the project artifacts and their arrangement. Several tools are available that can convert...

Software Architecture. What is it?

Welcome to my first post on Software Architecture. The purpose of this blog is mainly to serve as a place where I can write down my thoughts to improve my own understanding while I write my Thesis on Software Architecture, but if anyone can benefit from these insights, that is great! I thought long and hard about what to put in my first post. Should I talk about layering? Dependency inversion?  Enterprise service buses? It dawned on me that before discussing anything in detail, I should first define what I mean by software architecture. (more…)